What Is The Definition Of A Youtube View?

According to a Pew Research Center Institute survey, only 10% of videos attract 79% of all views on YouTube. This statistic is proof that most Youtube users struggle to attract visitors to their videos. If you are currently facing this problem or simply want to improve your performance, you must put the right strategies to increase your views.

At the Youtube level, a view can be defined as the viewing time of a video.

Concretely, this is the time that a user spends on a video when he chooses, clicks, and starts playing it.

Views play an important role in displaying your video since it is a ranking factor used by algorithms to position your video on the homepage or in search results.

Views Are An Important Factor Since They Allow You To:

Analyze the performance and popularity of your video;

Get more interactions for your videos;

And earn more money.

The Main Criteria Used By Youtube To Count Your Views Are:

For a view to being counted, the user must watch the video for at least 30 seconds.

It can make jumps in video duration, but it takes the watch time to reach 30 seconds before the view is taken into account. 

The IP address makes it possible to uniquely identify a device or computer in a network and know the network’s class. Cookies make it possible to trace the activities carried out on a site. 

Cookies and IP addresses allow the video to be counted only once per user to avoid the artificial growth of the counter.

Once a video is uploaded, YouTube uses its algorithms to scan and check for viruses or malware.

When nothing is detected, the Youtube counter is started. Views are then counted based on the number of people watching your video for at least 30 seconds.

When You Reach A Total Of 300 Views, Youtube Stops Counting And Deploys New Algorithms That Check If:

  • Your way of acquiring views is legit or not;
  • Your videos meet the platform requirements.

As soon as this verification occurs and the algorithms deployed do not detect any problem, the view counter is unblocked.

When the algorithms check your videos, you may have had the same view for hours. It is only after their passage that they decrease or increase.

If the number of views increases, this is explained by the fact that Internet users continue to watch the video during the blocking. 

Otherwise, no one may have been interested in your post or the algorithm detecting that the views obtained are not legitimate. 

Anyway, note that this verification will occur most often and will last depending on the evolution of your number of views. 

For example, the time the algorithms will take to separate the real views from the fake ones for a video with more than 356,408 views will not be the same for one with 500 views. 

If you follow live videos on the Youtube platform, they are counted in the same way as pre-recorded videos. 

However, the count is determined and adjusted within 24 hours when Youtube finds that: 

  • Internet users use the same IP address on several devices at the same time; 
  • The user opens several different windows and watches the same video there;
  • The viewer refreshes the page after watching 30 seconds or less.

Repetition of the same video also counts for a given number of views, which is for a certain number of times defined by YouTube. 

When this threshold is exceeded, your view will no longer be considered. Therefore, there is no point in watching the same video repeatedly if the objective is to increase the number of views.

In addition, YouTube does not consider your view when you jump from one video to another randomly (Even if you take care to watch each video for 30 seconds).

Indeed, the algorithms estimate that the spectator is a robot for such an action.

In Addition, Your Sight Is Not Taken Into Account When:

  • You leave spam comments on videos;
  • Videos are embedded into a page and automatically start when someone lands on that page. 

This is because YouTube’s algorithms stop counting lives on your video when they see that users are trying to tamper with/increase views fraudulently.