The Best Tricks For The Good Promotion Of Your Youtube Videos.

Once your videos are created and uploaded, you need to promote them. Here are 3 tips for a good promotion of your videos:

When an Internet user looks at your post and appreciates the content, he will probably want to view other similar content. Therefore, it is advisable to always include one or more links to one of your present videos or your playlist at the end of your videos.

If someone watches your video until the end, there is a good chance that they will click on your link.

You can also use, as said before, YouTube cards or, more simply, annotations redirected to your other videos.

Be careful not to include more than three lines, lest web users, often too lazy, ignore it.

Video analytics lets you track your videos in real-time and fix inconsistencies. It measures the popularity and performance of the content of your published videos. Thanks to video analysis, you will know where your videos have been seen, the number of Internet users who have watched your publication, and their reaction to the latter.

It Helps Answer Questions Like:

  • Who watched my video?
  • In which country was my video watched?
  • What is the total watch time in hours, minutes, and seconds each time a user clicks the play button on my video?

You can engage with your audience by responding to them when they ask questions or raise concerns.

If a user has taken the time to click, watch and share their opinion or ask you questions about your video, it is important not to leave it unanswered.

This trick can help you increase your popularity rating.

To address their concern, however, you can host a Q&A video or place a call to action on social media, inviting other audience members to share their concerns and opinions.

By sharing your videos on your other social media accounts while responding to your visitors’ concerns, you are expanding your community.

You can also publish your videos and channel on websites, forums, or groups, by word of mouth, and even on other social platforms.

Properly promoting your channel starts with the design of the video, content, and ideas to be developed. Therefore, it is important to look for the types of videos that have potential in terms of views on YouTube.

These tricks will help you get views, but you will also boost your channel’s popularity and get more subscribers.