Stay True To Your Commitments Throughout Your Video.

YouTube has the tools that can measure the exact size and know the content of your video. Therefore, it is important to remain honest with your starting ideology throughout the editing to gain better visibility.

In other words, only address specific ideas related to your title and which also meet the expectations of the visitor.

The engagement also includes the viewing time of your video, that is, the time spent by an Internet user watching your montage.

If most users spend the average amount of time on your video, YouTube won’t hesitate to show you the top results of its searches, so you’ll get a great engagement score.

When viewers leave comments on your video, it encourages YouTube to pay more attention to it and see if it’s relevant and accurate.

It Takes Two Things Into Account:

  • The percentage of Internet users who watch your video and leave a comment,
  • The number and content of comments.

In your videos, it is, therefore, advantageous to invite and encourage Internet users to post comments, instructions, and appreciations to increase the visibility of your audience.

Creating a channel on YouTube is very important when you plan to upload your videos. You also benefit from a public presence; that is to say, you can be seen by everyone when you have a youtube channel. To create a channel on Youtube, you can use a computer or a phone. Also, consider adding an icon to your channel.

The name of the file allows YouTube’s algorithms to quickly find you when a user launches their request, and it represents the subject discussed and the objectives to be achieved in the video. Therefore, it is essential to check if you have changed the name of your video before uploading it and to ensure that it includes keywords used in those of your competitors.

If your file is edited as mov_003_2020.mp4, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to tell YouTube what your production is about. The name of your file should accurately describe the query you are aiming for on YouTube. Take, for example, this article; you can name its video “The 20 tips to get more views on YouTube.mp4”.