Make Playlists Of Your Videos (Playlist) To Grow Youtube View Numbers.

Playlists consist of grouping together a list of videos dealing with the same ideas and playing them in continuity, that is to say, one after the other. The particularity here is that the playback of the videos is automatic; once the current video is over, the user no longer needs to click on the next one.

Creating a playlist allows you to get or increase more views for each video without the visitor has left the player. If the user is not too fond of the content they are watching, they can change this video for yours, maybe because it is in this playlist.

Step To Follow To Add Your Video To A Playlist?

  •  Go to the start menu and select the stream;
  •  Then click on the YouTube stream tab;
  •  Click on add to the playlist;
  •  Select a playlist from the list that appears.

End screens are like annunciations offered by YouTube that appear between the last 20 and 5 seconds of your video to suggest that users watch another video similar to what they just saw.

The Steps To Follow To Insert An End Screen In Your Videos?

  • Go to YouTube Studio, go to the Video page, and select the video you want to add the end screen to;
  • From the left menu, select Editing Application;
  • Click Add End Screen.

However, you can add a personal touch to the boxes according to your desires, tastes, or those of the public to attract end screens during the upload of your video.

Customizing an end screen means making your video attractive, adding content, and elements, applying templates and shapes, modifying them and changing when they are displayed, and choosing their location in the video.