The Complete Description Of The Content Of Your Youtube Video View.

Posted on May 31, 2022June 4, 2022Categories YouTube Description

The description consists of making a short text of about 300 words, briefly describing the content of your video while inserting several keywords and links pointing to your sources.

It also contributes to the good referencing and the visibility of your video on Youtube.

The description is often overlooked by many Youtubers when uploading videos, so its use can work to your advantage and help improve your profile on YouTube.

It can be written in the form of a blog post. You must also not create confusion in the minds of visitors; the description and the content of your video must be on the same wavelength.

She Answers Questions Like:

  • What is your business type?
  • What kind of videos, subjects, and content do you want to publish to your subscribers that audiences will be able to on your channel?

To have your video online, it is not enough to make and share it; you must ensure the quality and format of your images. Internet users are only interested in attractive videos.

Beautiful things much more attract our eyes; you can personalize your images yourself by adding unusual texts, which are out of the ordinary, and arrows to arouse the curiosity of users.

Each time a user clicks on your video, your number of clicks increases; this shows that your content is useful to Internet users and, therefore, to YouTube. Youtube relies more on user behavior to rank your post.

When an Internet user launches a search, several results are presented to him; among these, we can see images, titles, descriptions, the date of publication of the video the number of views; the challenge is to highlight your batch video.

YouTube is constantly evolving; it has several analysis tools to meet more or less the requirements of its users to interpret each of their actions.

The platform has, for example, voice recognition tools that automatically transcribe or translate the words of the video into words.

If you are used to using YouTube, you will find that the transcription is usually not correct. It is full of faults that are very easy to spot.

From a usage point of view, the experience is not optimal when the subtitles contain mistakes, especially since not all viewers will necessarily follow your video in quiet and noiseless places.

Also, one of the most important rules in YouTube SEO is to always have correct subtitles.

Therefore, it is important to proofread your transcripts to provide an optimal user experience and boost the SEO of your videos.…